Sample Ideas

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* The ideas in the showcase are at various stages in the process and may not be available for matching.

Coffee Cup Kiosk (as seen on Dragon's Den)

A product opportunity exists which relates to the manufacture and distribution of a kiosk, in the shape of a coffee cup, 2 meters in circumference which would be a stand alone take away sales point for a range of coffees and related products. Whilst competition exists in the form of various mobile coffee sales points, we have not identified any competitors who offer such semi-permanent, highly visible and easily branded offerings. The mobile operators have a number of strengths, including capacity for greater throughput (more than 1 staff member), greater mobility, possible self-sufficiency in terms of storage. The business proposition is to initially target the UK and Irish market, followed by international roll out. 

Wheelie Bin Product

A product opportunity exists to develop and commercialise a wheelie bin casing which will both secure a wheelie bin and ensure it remains locked when not in use. The problem of fly tipping & bin theft coupled with the risk of wheelie bins falling over and opening in windy conditions are a cause of considerable concern to individual wheelie bin owners across Britain, Ireland and much of Europe. This product has a dual offering of securing the bin and keeping it locked. The competing products on the market appear to offer one or other of this product's attributes but not both.

Bicycle Parking Assist / Theft Deterrent

A product opportunity exists which relates to a piece of street furniture allowing for ease and regulation of cycle parking preventing the cycle from falling over and preventing/deterring theft.

Oil Spill Clean-Up

A product opportunity exists which relates to the design, manufacture and sale of a marine oil spill clean-up technology which would utilise an modular system for removing oil from water in the event of an oil spillage. The product will be portable, capable of rapid deployment and mountable on existing carrier vessels.

Off-Grid Gravity-Fed Boiler

An opportunity exists for a non-electrical gravity-fed pellet burner that is coupled to a specially designed boiler to produce cheap and clean hot water for domestic use and home heating. The burner and boiler combination are stand alone, i.e. they do not require power to drive fans or pumps. Combustion is expected to exceed 90% efficiency and ash production is minimal. 

Corrosion and Wear Protection (Tribocorrosion), Surface Sealant

A product opportunity exists for an advanced surface treatment for the protection of surfaces against corrosion and combined wear/corrosion (Tribocorrosion) degradation. It can be used as a pre-treatment for corrosion protection in the aerospace and automotive industries and can be used as a sealant on any conducting surface including metals.

100% Natural Antibacterial Fluid

A product opportunity exists which relates to an effective, 100% natural, antibacterial fluid for surfaces. It is a new natural antimicrobial coating that works specifically to eradicate bacteria and cross infection, using non-aggressive, natural ingredients. The coatings work in seconds on contact with bacteria to prevent cross infection.

Car Breakdown Assist

An opportunity exists for the manufacture and sale of an electro-mechanical device designed to enable broken down cars to be moved short distances. The aim is to create a device which can be used by one person, but which gives greater control and improved safety aspects over existing products on the market. The end user can move attach the device and move the vehicle forward or in reverse at a rolling pace while the driver is in full control of the steering. The overall market for such equipment includes commercial garages, car showrooms, car breakdown assistance organisations such as AA, vintage car enthusiasts involved in repairing and upgrading cars in home garages etc.

Holographic Labelling

A product opportunity exists for a novel hologram which is sensitive to changes in pressure on its surface. The technology is currently licensed out for anti-counterfeit products but has other applications in life science, electronics, or tactile pressure sensing, where changes in the surface can be used to create a sensing reaction.

High Efficiency Bicycle Pedal

A product opportunity exists which relates to a bicycle pedal designed to improve their efficiency by reducing the effort required by the cyclist to propel the bicycle. This will allow the cyclist to travel further distances with less effort. Tests have shown efficiciency gains of between 30 and 40% over a standard bike pedal which would appear transformational to cycling. There is a pipeline of innovative cycling related product opportunities from this idea generator.

Life Saving Device

An opportunity exists which relates to a life saving device which effectively attracts the attention of passers by, in relation to people in the water, as effectively as possible. This device allows for search and rescue teams using infrared cameras to spot a person in trouble much more easily, especially on a sunny day. This device is activated by water contact.

Autonomous Surveillance Platform

Traditional surveillance methods rely on security personnel to observe and interpret surveillance data in real-time. Inevitably such methods do not scale well for busy environments, cannot merge data from disparate sources, introduce opportunity for human error and ultimately fail to provide adequate protection for modern transport corridors. The proposed solution offers real-time analytic techniques which  are applied to video and RF data to detect and track human subjects through secure zones. This allows for the automatic detection of events by the system in busy areas with complex traffic ensuring that critical events are not missed. The system offers: passenger profiling (Gender, Age), 3D subject tracking, subject reacquisition, tolerant of variable Illumination and rapid event search & retrieval.

Livestock & Equipment Monitoring

A product opportunity exists for a security system, targeted at two distinct market segments being livestock and machinery & valuables protection. The product work as follows:
Animal Protection:
A transmitting collar around the animals’ neck transmits and receives data which monitors things like animal temperature, movement and walking speed could also be monitored. 
Equipment Protection:
A system transmitter emits signal te receiver in the vicinity. In the event that a product is taken the integrated software cloaks the device, effectively rendering the device useless until reset.

Solar Thermal

We are looking for an idea implementer who can bring to market a solar thermal product which has been independently tested to show that it is to 46% more efficient than some commercially available systems. The market for this type of product is growing. The EU is committed to reducing its overall emissions to at least 20% below 1990 levels by 2020.  As heat accounts for 49% of the overall European Union final energy demand, the renewable heating sector will have to make a major contribution in order to reach the renewable energy target.  It is a similar picture across the globe so now could be an opportune time to get involved in this market. This technology can be used with adsorption chiller units which are 80% more efficient than traditional electrical air-conditioning units as well as providing hot water for a range of applications.

Hygenic Kitchen Sink and Wash Hand Basin Waste Fittings.

The area bellow the plughole in a standard sink is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The combination of the difficulty of cleaning, food waste and moisture cause a build-up of gunk that is hidden but can cause odours or worse. The product in question allows the owner of the sink to keep this area clean and hygienic leading to a fresher and more sanitary environment. There are many markets for this product from hospitals to domestic homes.

Retractable Barrier

A product opportunity exists for a design-led, attractive, lightweight, retractable barrier with embedded directional LED lights and a completely reflective front surface. The device is portable and can be quickly deployed in any situation where the emergency services require traffic to be directed away from the scene of an incident.

Electronic Contract Management

A product opportunity exists which relates to a cradle-to-grave cloud based Contract Lifecycle Management system software application, to include contract drafting capability, digital signing, process management, tracking and remote cloud storage.

Fermented Alcoholic Beverage

A product opportunity exists which relates to a hi-margin fermented alcohol beverage product with niche export market channels focus.  Great growth potential from very conservative targets with low level of capex at start-up and low levels of ongoing capex as business grows incrementally.

Enterprise Risk Management

An product opportunity exists relating to software which will educate employees at all levels to understand Enterprise Risk Management as it applies to their organisation. The solution will in an online format delivering a holistic and systematic approach to risk management which can be effectively deployed throughout the organisation. 


A product opportunity exists for a novel refrigeration unit based on air cycle technology which will give the most benefits in either the food processing world where the combination of chilling and heat is required – OR – something like refrigerated transport trucks where you could effectively run the technology off the trucks diesel engine and it can withstand all the knocks and bumps from the road without breaking down.

Parental Control Internet Web Filter Router

If you are responsible for a network connected to the internet there are two main concerns. How can I control access to the network and how can I make sure the network is secure / free from viruses. This device allows parents and business owners alike to fully control access to their network and make sure devices connected to it are secure. The product will be regularly updated to ensure that the performance of the device is constantly improving in line with the latest threats etc. offering greater piece of mind. This device can be easily configured by all users and is very suitable for parents who wish to control internet access of children.

Digitised Document Management

A product opportunity exists which relates to a mobile software application, which will provide a digitised document management system for small construction companies and sole traders in the area of contracts and other on - site documentation. The offering will facilitate cloud based storage, real time reporting and remote access for all relevant site operatives and managers.

Culinary E-Learning for Novices

A product opportunity exists which relates to a product developed as a series of teaching tools to help the "Can't Cook, Wont Cook" aimed at the US, (over 38% can’t cook more than "Beans on Toast") to start, however it will translate very easily to all. It is based on how we think, learn and explore everything about food in the simplest possible way, no recipe has more than 3 steps. It focuses especially on cooking and related health issues on a low budget. It is App based, TV friendly and there is also a cook book with recipes. 

Pull Chord Engine Assist

A product opportunity exists which relates to the testing, modification and commercialisation of a portable device to assist anyone, but particularly older people and those suffering an infirmity, be it temporary or permanent, to start a pull chord engine.

Above Ground Slurry Tank Innovation

A product opportunity exists which relates to a product which will help prevent accidental or malicious slurry spills from above-ground slurry tanks

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